Why Choose a BC5200 Series LED Hazardous Area Emergency Light?

The Tormin BC5200 Series Hazardous Area Emergency Light is mainly used as an emergency channel mark in the event of a power failure and is suitable for use in a multitude of harsh environments. (Please enquire for Emergency option)


Our BC5200 Series LED Hazardous Area Emergency Light Range

  • Made of aluminium alloy shell, IP66 rated.

  • Suitable in corrosive environments.

  • The circuit board is equipped with an emergency device with terminals for wiring.

  • The cable is connected to the terminal through the lead-in device.

  • Flexible and easy install.

  • ATEX Certified zones 1 & zone 2, zone 21 & zone 22, Certified by Eurofins product testing, Italy.

  • 5 year warranty.