Hattingley Valley Wines Case Study - Video

Here's our latest case study! We worked alongside Hattingley Valley to help light their brand new wine store!Contact us today for your free lighting survey!
The 5 Year Premier Care Warranty offers unparalleled peace of mind, listen here to why this is the best warranty on the market. 
 A key topic in the LED lighting industry is explained – "Buy Lumens not Wattage" and applied in one of Carbon8's success stories.
The Carbon8 Team stealing the show at the largest built environment event in the UK , thank you to everyone who attended! 
A highly unique product featured at an equally unique location – Watch as we describe the benefits of the Discus Floodlight range alongside the Carbon8 race car. 
The Sales Director of Carbon8 explains the market leading features and capabilities of the Discus Gen2 High BayFor more information click here
 A short video submitted by one of our customers showcasing the outstanding performance of the Carbon8 400W Discus Floodlight.
Watch here how Carbon8Lighting assists customer projects from concept to completion, and how we can make a difference for you. 
Watch as we show you our latest case study video, showcasing a recent project at the Everest Community Academy!​
Take a look at our recent case study at Mack International, here we show you the use and efficiency of the Discus Zero light fitting!